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Good to Know:

  • Arriving 5-10 minutes prior to start of class is a really nice way to respect everybody's yoga experience.
  • Wear non-binding comfortable clothing - tie die is cool and fancy yoga pants may trigger a 'oh how cute!' but neither are mandatory - wait I should clarify here - pants are required (regardless of cuteness)
  • Coming fragrance free with clean clothes and body is generally appreciated by other Yoga friends
  • Avoid eating 2 hours prior to class - if you have low blood sugar - please eat a small snack as fainting may disrupt the flow of the class
  • Please let the instructor know if you have any health issues as adding to your wounds is not part of the program
  • Yoga is non-competitive. Since there is enough competition at the office, just plan on leaving your ego at home on the couch
  • Please turn all cell phones off - better yet leave it outside the studio, preferably on the couch with your ego
  • Yoga is not just for tree hugging Ohming vegetarians but for Every Body - although the instructor does love trees and veggies and is known on occasion to Ohm
  • Be prepared to be kind to yourself, your Yogi neighbors and to be happy
  • Know that Everybody is always learning and growing
  • Talk to me - your feedback is welcomed - students are the teacher's best way to learn (see bullet above)
  • After class take these thoughts and turn them into actions when you head back out into the world